27.03.20 Delhi Corona Diary #3 humanitarian crisis

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Dauer: 18:08 Minuten

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Inhalt: With Prime Minister Narendra Modis announcement of a nationwide lockdown, the life of daily wage workers in cities like Delhi came to a sudden hault. They left their construction sites, rickshaws or stalls and started walking towards their villages. Public transport had stopped. Thousands of people with almost no money or food along the highways. Heartbreaking scenes for Abhishek Anand, who reported about the mass movement for the TV channel India Today. But that was not enough for him. He started an initiative to distribute food and actually do something in the wake of the corona virus crisis. Julia speaks with him over the phone...

Ereignis Datum: 27.03.2020
Ereignis Ort: Neu-Delhi, Nationales Hauptstadtterritorium Delhi, Indien
Upload Datum: 28.03.2020

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