Der Guardian macht Radio - die Zukunft?

Francesca Panetta, Leiterin des audio team, erzählt

Francesca Panetta auf der Konferenz in Leipzig "Das Feature im digitalen Zeitalter", Januar 2012: "I moved from traditional broadcasting to the world of online audio five years ago and it has been a joy. The constraints of fixed broadcast durations were removed along with the expected treatments and formats. Suddenly I could play! And I believe that our audiences are listening differently - with heightened attention, downloading works to listen to consciously at the time that suits them and usually on headphones in true stero rather than the mono kitchen speakers that most radio programmes are head through. Online audio has proved it doesn't have to be second rate audio but it does need two things: 1) a financial model which sustains the kind of serious journalism and craft that goes in to many of the radio documentaries that are being produced in Europe and 2) an easy way of consuming the pieces so listening is as easy as turning on your fm radio. Technology will in time take care of the second but unlike the music industry, speech radio still has to find a way of funding itself in the world of the internet. That is our challenge."


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