31.03.20 Corona Diary #5 religion & Goa

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Inhalt: It's the seventh day of the nationwide lockdown in India and the public debate has shifted towards another angle: Religion. On the 13th of March a religious gathering of Muslim Evangelists attended by delegates from around the globe took place in the heart of New Delhi. The fallout from that event is that about 100 people got infected with the novel coronavirus which is been detected now. Most of the delegates took trains and busses to different parts of India and it is a herculian task to trace and quarantine all of the people they came into contact with. Apart from that, Julia and Raghav talk about the draconian lockdown in Goa. For a couple of days people were not allowed to leave their houses at all, be it for getting groceries or walking the dog. The delivery system was not prepared for such huge demands. Tourists and locals were running out of food, while trucks with veggies, fruits and milk could not pass the state borders. Cops and paramilitaries started beating up people in the streets.

Ereignis Datum: 31.03.2020
Ereignis Ort: Neu-Delhi, Nationales Hauptstadtterritorium Delhi, Indien
Upload Datum: 31.03.2020

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